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Saturday, September 5, 2009

It Would Have Been 2 Years a few days Back (29th Aug 07 to 29th Aug 09)

You might be surely wondering what these two years are all about. Let me clear all your doubts. I would have completed 2 years in a wonderful company called Mastek Ltd on 29th Aug 09, but destiny had other plans and with heavy heart and a positive outlook I moved on just 3 months before this day.
I joined Mastek on faithful day of 29th Aug 07 in Mastek’s SEEPZ office and it definitely was a turning point in my life. After all Mastek was my first company and first employer always remains a special one.
Looking back at the 21 months journey I am reminded of many friends, colleagues, superiors and the moments spent with them. Let me take you through a flash back ride, not of 21 months, but of my first 3 months spent with my training batch.
To begin with, the first people I met in Mastek, (yes, after the HR representative) were my training batch colleagues fondly titled as “Warehouse ke tantriks or Warehouse ki Khoj”. I say colleagues because we migrated from training batch colleagues to good friends. We were 21 of us, all freshers, coming from various parts of India , joining Mastek on the same day & getting trained together. Initial few days were very formal ones, as we were just getting to know each other, but the “Campus to Corporate” programme acted as the real Ice breaker and there was no looking back there after. I vividly remember the days we spent playing carrom and watching T20 world cup matches in office cafeteria, playing dumb charades etc.... But two things still remain very fresh in mind. One was the 2 hour long evaluation viva, which had left us terrified for almost a week & made us to study for revaluation even before the results came and the second one was the dandiya/garba fun we had especially with Ashsih Joshi showing his maverick dance steps. We had shaped into a group open to fun & masti and as the tradition goes we decided to create our own community in Orkut. We finalised on “Warehouse ki Khoj” as the name of the community. Warehouse ki khoj? Why such a name? Because we were the only batch that got trained in Data warehousing and strangely though none of us are currently working in data warehousing. The khoj is still on...
But as they say all good things come to end, so was the training period in Mastek and soon we migrated to different projects. But end of one good thing leads to start of another. Yes, we made it a point to meet together at lunch table and celebrate each other’s smallest of achievements with ice cream treats, birthdays with cake cuttings and many more things...

Oops.. I am running out of time need to get in time for lecture......long live Warehouse Ki Khoj...Congrats to warehouse ke tantriks for completing 2 in Mastek.
Bye for now. Will be back soon.....